My Career

I’m Courtney Kittel;

a driven and zealous social media enthusiast, entrepreneur and lifelong writer.

In 5th grade I started my own newsletter entitled “Courtney’s Connection”.  It consisted of a recap of what happened in class that week; a ‘fun fact’, joke and whatever else I deemed particularly important (like new seating assignments and the latest lunch options).  I would slave over that one page newsletter, treating it as if it was a front page article for the New York Times.  Even though ‘Courtney’s Connection’ ceased publication in 2000, my affection for writing and entertaining did not.

What value can I bring to you/your company?

1. I’m a blogger, avid social media user and a pop culture aficionado; I ‘get’ how to harness the power of social media and marketing to build community and provide business results.

2. My work ethic is fast paced and multi-faceted. I understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail.

3. I am highly entrepreneurial and continually desire to learn. In Girl Scouts I 0pted for the vest instead of the sash because I wanted a lot of room for all of the patches I planned on earning. I also always won the beach chair because I sold the most cookies. No big deal.

4. I am dedicated. My career is my priority.

I’m passionate and well versed in social media, writing, marketing and public relations. I’m smart, snort when I laugh and thrive under pressure.  My background as a brand ambassador has provided me with invaluable experience. I have seen first hand how to establish, deliver and execute successful campaigns.  I have been editing texts, from blog posts to newsletters since I was in Elementary school. Writing has always came easily to me, even when I didn’t know the reasons behind the rules.


Funny, Young and Pretty

This is my personal, sassy pants blog.  If you’re easily offended or can’t take a joke (or some perfectly placed 4 letter words) just skip on to the next menu. It’s okay, I’m not even mad.

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1)  You are in the business of resolving issues for people when they need it most, from a stolen bike to a flooded basement.  The reasons you’re summoned are not always fun, but people take ease in knowing they will be taken care of if they need it.  This sense of ease is fully engaged by local listings. That’s our cue- we get you or your business placed on Citisearch, Yelp and other popular local search engines.  Because people want someone who will understand their circumstance and help filing a claim.

Add our Local Listing service into your 2016 budget so you can help you community and business thrive.

2)   Have you used Yelp to determine where to go to dinner, get the best haircut or find the finest of desserts in a 5 mile radius?  We have become privy to getting the opinion of others before we go anywhere or hire anyone. Thus, you know first hand the importance of customer reviews.  Our local listing service gets your business listed on sites like Yelp and Citisearch plus we obtain real reviews to boost your presence. Let’s get you those reviews!

3)  Unlike Steve Harvey, our live transfers have no drama or awkwardness. We won’t take a live lead away from you after you’ve already done your victory lap-we promise.

Our team locates legitimate, interested leads and collects their contact information, which we email to you for your reference prior to the call.

Here’s how it works: Serena is searching for renters insurance.  We get her on the phone and verify she’s actually interested. We then Live-Transfer Serena to you. What that means is that Serena is live, on the phone and we simply transfer her to your line so you can speak with her directly about her renters insurance options.

And the winner is…YOU!

4)  Live transfer. It sounds like a high pressure medical procedure. But it’s really a service we provide to you so that you can get the most out of your day and your purchased leads. We get the lead on the phone and verify that they are truly interested in learning more about your insurance options. We collect their contact information and then automatically email it to you so that you can follow up.  After we verify interest we live-transfer the lead from our phone to yours!  Au revoir to repetitive calling only to get a voicemail or to find out it’s too late for that lead.  Our live transfer ensures that you talk to an interested person every time. Call us today to find out how to obtain this service for your business.

5)  What did we do without email, texting, Uber and coffee on every corner?  Depending on your age, you really may not know.  But, just like you can’t imagine not conversing with your colleagues, friends and family via text, after using our live transfer service for a week you’ll wonder how you got on without it.

We talk to the live lead, collect their information (which we email to you so you can follow up with them after you woo them with your fabulous coverage and attentive customer service) and then live-transfer the lead to you, meaning we literally have the contact on the phone and transfer their line to your office number. They never get off of the phone and you never have to hear another generic voicemail again. Hallelujah!

Call us today! You’ve been living in the stone age for far too long!

6)  The ball has dropped, the champagne has flattened and your Uber bill has sunk in.  It’s 2016! Have you decided what your marketing budget is for this year?   We want to be a part of your year, and here’s why you should choose us to manage your marketing needs.

1- We offer a variety of services-website design, social media management, lead screening and local search engine placement.

2- We were founded in 2009 in Portland, Oregon as an internet marketing firm. Our mission has always been to help smaller businesses thrive.

3- We focus on a niche market, insurance agents and agencies. Thus, we are familiar with the industry and the inner workings of it.

We could sit here and tell you all the intricate details of what we do and why us but we think it is time better spent if you give us a ring and we can talk about your goals and marketing needs.  Let 2016 lead to more bottles of celebratory champagne and less time worrying about the logistics of your online presence, we will do that part for you.

7)  If you’re reading this you made it into 2016.  Congratulations. Tis the season of resolutions- and we want to resolve all of your marketing woes. Yeah, we’ll say it- we are in your inbox because we want to be a part of your 2016 marketing strategy. Here’s why-we know the insurance industry; we have been specializing in lead generation and screening for it since 2009. Since 2009 we have also expanded our areas of expertise to make your life easier and give you more bang for your buck. We revamp websites, create & manage social media platforms, generate & screen leads, and get your business listed locally & reviews.

Call us so we can get to work for you!

8)  It’s 2016, the ball is in your court. Don’t let it drop (unless it’s in Times Square).  We’d like to help you keep this New Year’s momentum by managing the online marketing for your business.  We take the reigns for your website design, social media platforms, lead generation & screening and obtaining local listings.  That list we just rattled off doesn’t even cover the extent of our abilities. Go check out our website to get the full picture and our pricing.  Let’s be frieeeendddsss.

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