My Career

I’m Courtney Kittel;

a driven and zealous social media enthusiast, entrepreneur and lifelong writer.

In 5th grade I started my own newsletter entitled “Courtney’s Connection”.  It consisted of a recap of what happened in class that week; a ‘fun fact’, joke and whatever else I deemed particularly important (like new seating assignments and the latest lunch options).  I would slave over that one page newsletter, treating it as if it was a front page article for the New York Times.  Even though ‘Courtney’s Connection’ ceased publication in 2000, my affection for writing and entertaining did not.

What value can I bring to you/your company?

1. I’m a blogger, avid social media user and a pop culture aficionado; I ‘get’ how to harness the power of social media and marketing to build community and provide business results.

2. My work ethic is fast paced and multi-faceted. I understand the importance of accuracy, timeliness and attention to detail.

3. I am highly entrepreneurial and continually desire to learn. In Girl Scouts I 0pted for the vest instead of the sash because I wanted a lot of room for all of the patches I planned on earning. I also always won the beach chair because I sold the most cookies. No big deal.

4. I am dedicated. My career is my priority.

I’m passionate and well versed in social media, writing, marketing and public relations. I’m smart, snort when I laugh and thrive under pressure.  My background as a brand ambassador has provided me with invaluable experience. I have seen first hand how to establish, deliver and execute successful campaigns.  I have been editing texts, from blog posts to newsletters since I was in Elementary school. Writing has always came easily to me, even when I didn’t know the reasons behind the rules.

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