Courtney Kittel

1990-Born. My dad was watching Johnny Carson. My mom was less than entertained.  Only child status.

1992– First word: “No”.

1995– Diva in the making.  Multiple wardrobe changes throughout the day.

1999– Created my own monthly newsletter for my 5th grade class entitled “Courtney’s Connection”.

1999– Joined 4-H for sewing. A seamstress/designer is created.  My first project was a flannel nightgown with dogs and cats on it. Tres chic.

2000’s– Won a plethora of awards at county and state fairs for my sewing skills. No big deal.

2009-Applied and accepted to OTIS.  During the campus visit they had us sit in on a class. I mistakenly signed up for the drawing class with a nude model. I’m from population 2,000. I almost died.  My mom thought it was hilarious.

Graduated from high school. Valedictorian. I’m right brain creative and left brain smart. Like whaaaat?! Got all the scholarships. Didn’t attend school in Los Angeles, New York or London because…well I don’t really know.  

2010– Transferred schools. Applied & accepted into FIT. Didn’t go. But hello Portland State University and in-state tuition.

2013– Held 3 internships:
PR/Social Media/Assistant: Chrissy Anderson-Author- The List Trilogy
PR/Social Media: National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Social Media: International Sports Agency
(while working and in school), because that’s what your supposed to do to get a job out of college, right?  Took 20+ credits last three terms to graduate in 4 years.

2013– Graduated from college. Deans list, debt free, minor in english. Tra la la la laaaa. Walked off campus after my last class and that was the end of that.

2013– No longer can say “I’m a student” when people inquire “What do you do”? Quarter life crisis in full effect.

2014- Moved to Los Angeles for a hot minute to pursue singing.  Met mean people. Cue mental breakdown. Drove 15 hours back home in the middle of the afternoon (in L.A. afternoon traffic). What is my life about?

2014- Decide to do things for me. Start saying yes to experiences and no to things that don’t light up my life (thanks, Debby Boone).

2014-Present- Independent Contractor in Experiential Marketing. Freelance Copywriter. Entrepreneur. Aspiring R&B, pop diva.

2016-Release Debut EP, Invisible Crown.


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